Dealing with the Past for the Future

Most people do not look inside themselves, and most will choose ignorance over knowledge. Why? Because it makes the world less complicated, it makes life seem more clear and certain. But for the few that look inside themselves and see their character and the person who the world sees, its a long hard road filled with shame, pain and scares.

Its time to take control of that shame and its time to remove that pain. With the power within you, you have the strength and energy to find peace and contentment.

The pain we carry is a heavy burden on our hearts and shoulders, now with that in mind you can now see these Things as a weight on you and now you can remove them from your life.

Shame are the anchors that drag behind you making it impossible to move forward. No matter how important it is for you to run, you cant. The shame keeps you on the side lines never being able to play the game. Shame is the anchors in which you can see tide to your ankles by a small rope rapping around your leg. Look down and see the rope, now unwind it until you can move freely.


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