About Me. Me

I am just a regular person who was exposed to the evil of this world at a young age forever changing my point of view. I was not a child, I was a confused being listening to his parents and their gods. They forced me into seeing life threw a pair of shaded glasses they chose for me. As a child the understanding of danger and terror is a foreign emotion and very raw and very powerful feeling. Being tortured it twists your mind and removes limits to reality that was not their from before. So when you grow up with these elements you are going to be a far different person than society wants, or even knows how to deal with. As a child you believe everything that your parents say and you believe them when they show you theirs gods. The gods have rules to follow and so do your parents but your parents dont really want you to follow the rules, because they wont get to punish me. They would change the rules without telling me for them to be able to punish me. they would twist the words of there gods to turn me guilty then punish me. Punishment with pain and punishment with shame. Their friends would agree with the parents and more punishment with pain and shame. Rules shifted like the hands of a clock, with more pain and shame. I couldn’t read or write but I could handle all this pain and shame. The echoes of these words in your head is like the agony and bruising of my body and brain.

Now with this in mind, I am a man trying to live a normal life, with no pain or shame. With no demanding gods and no rules with pain and shame. I’m trying to remove the heavy shaded glasses my parents gave to me but they have been seared into my skin.